Our Products are supplied after thorough exhaustive customer research, competitive analysis and numerous price reduction strategies, with the goal of providing you with exactly the product you want at a price you can afford.

At Winlux Incorporated (PVT) Ltd we take hands-on approach to customer service. Your trolleys are always custom made to fit the customer requirements.

Customer service is non negotiable as it is our top priority. Our individualized service ensures that you always receive full VIP treatment.

Your job is done right on time and on budget.


Supermarket         *          Industrial Trolleys       *        Pallet truck rollers     *        Conveyor Rollers     *    Stackers      *     Pallet Trucks


Scaffolding Castors & Wheels     *          Rubber  wheels     *        Nylon wheels    *        Polyurethane wheels     *    Cast Iron wheels  *  Hospital Casters  *  Elastic Rubber Wheels & Casters * Split disc wheels  *  Cast Iron Castors   *  Pneumatics Wheels


Industrial racking  * Supermarket racking  *  Gondolas  *  Hooks & Accessories  *  Checkout points  *  Grab baskets  *  Ladders  *  Pallets * Round & Square Plugs/Ferrules *  Height adjusters & Expansion fittings

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